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property from the private entities in order to drill wells and create a safer working environment for the workers in a tunnel below grade. the owner wants to sell the land free and clear. we have basically two options before us. one was to move forward with eminent domain on the lease portion and the other option was to purchase the property on the open market. we negotiated with the owner. our offer is 10 percent above. what is critical on this particular item is that if we do not have the wells in place we'll spend 3 million $3 million to make a safer work environment and have the ability to sell it after the construction is complete. >> i thought i read here that they are going to lease it? >> they are going to lease it back for a short period of time until they move off the property. they will lease just the house area because the plans were to sell the house and retire. >> so how much are we going to lease it for? >> the lease is basically it's a free lease back as part of making this transition happen because the current lease on the well has expired. so as a counter for not
environment. for allowing this school to continue to grow and develop on behalf of envy generation and for all those who have come after me. thank you (clapping.) hello >> hello, i'm a long the parents at creative arts. my oldest son this will be my 17th year at the school my youngest daughter is 12 she's in 7th grade. the reason we which i see arts is my middle son has dix election and i said to school with a special feed for learning difference. he bloomed at creative arts. his teachers were so poisht patient and they taught him how to read. my son has blot clotting disorders and w a single mom with 3 sons with disabilitys i've been helped even though i was panicking they take care of my children. but anyway, i attended a creative arts school and throughout the years we've increased our exist of students of color and staff of color. and made the place a better learning environment for our children. and i volunteer one hundred hours a year happily and because there a second family to me. so i love this school. thank you for renewing our charter (clapping) >> hello, i'm a parent at creative
a friendly and safe environment. so, a lot of the areas of town that maybe are going through some kind of gentrification or change, i've been participating in mccop and hub which you sent me an e-mail about that. others that don't generally have thing going on, this is a way to bring light to a dark spot, i guess. so, mission and goals. as i said, san francisco is a city that drives entrepreneurship, creativity and culture. mobile retail combines all of these qualities. our goal -- and i believe i speak for most of the mobile retailers that are in my organization -- is to really work together with existing brick and mortars. we don't want to take anything away from anybody. we really want to collaborate and cross promote. there's a lot of traditional ways of marketing and promotion that are done in brick and mortar and time i'm finding that now, i'm launching my first s.f. weekly ad for my holiday ad for my brick and mortar store. facebook, media, tums abler, printer, makes really great cross promotion and i believe that our trucks could ~ -- our followers could end up spilling over in
that meander up and down the park under pines and eucalyptus. hang out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights located in the heart of this district. it offers a view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. it is one of the best kept secrets in the city. it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. , bought a 37 bus to get there without any parking worries. for legged friends can run freely. there is also a patch of grass for the small box. >> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place to have these kinds of parks. that dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice of the wildfires that are on the grassland and keep your head out on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. be sure to take your camera and be prepared to ta
environment work such as the rec and park to name a few. with regard to rec and park we've enjoyed a relationship and we've installed structures at the gilman playground and ralph playground and hertz playground to name a few and provided community garden development and trail maintenance in glen common and berry no heights and all of those were done with various mechanisms. however, we bring money to the table. so finally, from 19 to the perpetrate sf cc has provided $1.4 million of the property 84 funding we received from the state to remove and rebuild remaining walls and this in the buena invest and adams rogers just to name a few. at the conclusion we having ask the rec and park fill out an evaluation for the core member performance and the overall quality of the project. for the future we want to partner with rec and park to get some funding forbid the rec and parks trail fund and others. in some cases the application will be more competitive if you use the core as a partner to perform the work >> thank you for your time and attention i want to show you a 5 minute video of o
with -- can our food environment to change without government or societal intervention, especially for potentially addictive substances? did just say no work? does education work for substances of abuse? the answer is no. question two -- can we afford to wait when health care will be bankrupted to chronic metabolic disease? we have got 13 years, people, and we have to do something now. not wait for more research. we have the research. we have what we need. policy what do we do? there is called targeted prevention. that is treat the patient, right? treat the obese person. except for one thing. we've just learned that there are more nonobese people who are sick. it is targeted to the individual. the benefit to risk ratio is high. the weaknesses is the medicalization of prevention, which is hard. behavior medication, which is impossible. cost feasibility and limited success across the board. but it is not targeted. it is public health prevention we need. what are the strengths there? it is radical. it is going to work because we will make it work. it's powerful, because everyone is on
. and it was then and that environment in which the pictures and the news started coming out in vietnam and we discovered this, that the vietnamese that we met were very candid about what they were facing and many of them were our age were very candid about this as well about what they felt and what they saw and therefore we felt that we were getting a clear picture of what was emerging as the conflict grew in size. our vision differed markedly from the kennedy administration was hoping for and definitely from the johnson administration as well, president kennedy late in 1972 found the editor of "the new york times" and found that he help us go back to the united states because his reporting was dangerous to national security. and president lyndon johnson on two other occasions approached the ap executives to have me removed from the war area and there was lots of other influence, particularly on television owners and important owners of the networks. and it was in this environment than that the written and photographic product emerged from vietnam and it was a matter of controversy from the beginning and we
other, and it's very much a social environment. but there are many examples that occur throughout history, martin luther and his use of pamphlets, thomas paine and his pamphlet, "common sense," and the way they were used more broadly in the runup to the american and french revolutions. really what i'm arguing is when we use social media today, it's a reversion, actually, to the way media operated for centuries before us. >> host: you write that for wealthy romans, the distinction between letter writing and conversation was further blurred by the custom of dictating outgoing letters to scribes and having incoming letters read aloud to them. >> guest: indeed. so if you were someone like cicero or julius caesar, you would have a scribe. in fact, cicero -- sorry, caesar, was famous for being able to dictate two letters at once. so you would be dictating, then you would also have a staff of messengers who would be carrying these messages to your friends, and when incoming messagers brought a scroll, your scribe would perhaps realize it out to you. romans were capable of reading and wri
that are growing through the soil of the environment and in trees. that's gluing the mushrooms on to the side of the tree or the forest floor. mushrooms. >> we never grow mushrooms, we keep the mycilian in a vegetative stage. the concept was when i saw mysilian growing through wood ships, keeping them together. using waste didn't happen until i teamed up with gavin. >> it takes seven days for a product to be grown. we are about to show you how it works in seconds. >> what is this. >> the waste is cleaned, light before adding the mycel. >> um. it's ipp cubated and it becomes a solid white mass. next it goes through a tromell, a machine that grind the waste. >> this is reminding me of willie wonga and the chocolate factory and i'm afraid i'll be sucked up. >> this is mulched and stacked into moulds. the mycelian does what it does - gross. all that is left is to paying it at a low temperature of 200 to growth. >> freshly based funk us. so it can be sold to corporations like dell computers and other fortune 500 companies. >> here is what is cool. i can take the material, bury it in my yard and wi
of public health and the department of the environment. and that are involved in the two collaborativive groups that are community campaign and the services of san francisco, and the foundation and the meals on wheels of san francisco, and the project open hand, and the san francisco and the food banks and the tender loin, development and the ucsf center for populations at san francisco general hospital. as we come together, we really work to figure out how to collaborate and how to improve this situation we know that there are programs that we can get data for but we wanted to see the system as a whole and to be able to have the data to analyze that and we wanted to make this information available to groups and other department so that we will be able to join in and make sure that all are eating healthy. and i am going to go into the framework that we have utilized for this analysis and supervisor mar touched on it in his opening comments. we know that food security and healthy eating are really complex policy issues and you cannot just look at the issue from one dimension. and we sear
care and in the environment for future generation. mayor ed lee began his career as a civil rights attorney he later served as a director of the human rights commission fighting for people then as director of the public works and later as city administrator now as mayor of san francisco he continues to fight by implementing services that help our most vulnerable community. i'd like to welcome to the stage the houshlg may have san francisco mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> thank you very much. good evening, everybody and welcome to the people's palace. well, this is tonight i'm excited to be here it's an honor to be here to celebrate the ninth american heritage indian month no san francisco celebration of the awards. i wanted to thank not that all of you are here but for k q e d for the sponsoring of local heros. this is important because your city is all about diversity and i want to make sure that everybody can live here and be here and have good jobs and education and if they go out to the military they'll come back and give go opportunities for them. i have a special guest someone
's the sense that the environment as turned against western companies which is something lot seeing and hearing a about? >> we heard anecdotal reports of concern in that. western companies o be active in china and here's an ongoing dialogue on how to make that best happen ithout undue barriers or discrimination. >> europe can make dc look functional, someone joked today. there a real sense that a trade deal could happen in the climate in america? is there a political will? >> there's a lot of political ill to move forward with the transalantic trade investment partnership. it's a key part of how they view their growth strategy going opening hat they see exports, a reasing key part of enhancing their international competitiveness as well. t's been the evolution of certain sectors in the last 10, 5 years and certain procedural elements, the lisbon treaty and other innovations that create ore of an opportunity now to get this done than ever before. it doesn't mean it's not going to be hard. ut there are a number of difficult, outstanding issues. we see issues in different ways that we'
and other members of the roman elite. they all spoke each other as a social environment. there've been many other examples throughout history. martin luther and his use of pamphlets. tom payne and his common sense. in the way that pamphlets were used during the revolution. >> the first 2000 years of social media on a quote the communicators" on c-span two. >> republican governors rick perry discuss the gop future. then a conversation with u.s. trade representative about of the current state of u.s. trade agreements. at 11:00 p.m., q and a with a doctor. >> a group of republican governors discussed the party message. governors rick perry john kasich and mary fallon top about the policies -- talk about the policies that have adopted and how they are resonating. the a recent event part of annual meeting in scottsdale, arizona. it is a little less than one hour. >> if you could come in and take your seats, we will start right away. we will talk about messaging in 2014 and what we have to do to actually have a more successful 2014 and 2016 than we had last year. i have to tell you it is so great
. the more personal experiences our children have with people and situations outside of their own environment, the more material our children can draw on to incorporate in their play. and the father said, "it's dinnertime! it's dinnertime! it's dinnertime!" hendrick: our challenge is to try not to be afraid or intimidated by the variety and diversity of artistic expression in our classroom. come inside the house! ok, papa. come inside the house! hendrick: remember, creativity in the classroom is a child's way of expressing his or her own feelings and thoughts about the world, not yours. it breaks my heart to see classroom displays of so-called children's art that all look identical. when i see such cookie-cutter results, i can't help but wonder whose thoughts and ideas are being expressed-- ours or theirs? clone activities-- activities where everybody makes the same thing, the teachers cut out all the patterns, and everybody has to put the eyes here and put the eyes there-- that's dominating. you're telling them what to do. the best thing to do is to put the materials out and let them go for
and it was very much a social environment that there've been many other examples throughout history. martin luther and his use of poetry and thomas paine and the common sense and the way that they would use more broadly the run-up to the american and french revolution. ..
leader nancy pelosi who has been protecting the environment to mayor ed lee who is building the extension programs who has helped to there our focuses and effectiveness and strengthen our role 90 in government and the architect is being trormd. we should all take heart from their transformational change. we've shown we can continue our focus to our values we'll indeed have an impact on the federal government in the lives of the american people and hopefully on the world stage where america continues to lead. now we have a woman who needs little introduction nancy pelosi is the representative for the one hundred and 31st congress reforming the political system to create clean campaigns and concocting reforms and slurring the neighborhoods and scalds. from 2007 to 2011 she served in the house of representatives and she's represented congress for 25 years and a please welcome nancy pelosi (clapping) thank you very much ruth inform that wonderful introduction and recognition of the role that we all play and how connected we all are. and thank you for allocating the leadership of president oba
- they are not looking after our health and safety. >> a survey from a bangladeshi environment group found 90% of tannery workers died before the age of 50. for years the government has made promises that it will move the tannery out of the slum. all those promises have gone unfulfilled. government officials did not respond to requests for an interviewed. despite the filth, danger and stink, he is resigned to life in the tanneries. >> i have no ambitious, nothing. i have to do it. there's no other way. >> cheep bangladesh labour lowers the cost of leather goods sold. there's a price paid in human misery in a far-off place. >> the international diabetes federation is predicting a rise in the number of people with a disease. right now there are about 382 million people with diabetes. by 2035 the number is said to rise to 592 million. the largest number of sufferers on china, 98 million live with diabetes. 65 million have diabetes in india. in the u.s. 24 million people have the condition. one place where the government is trying to do more to beat diabetes is sri lanka. we have this report. >> this looks l
the threat of rain. a subaru... .are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> commuters will have to wait a bit longer to begin writing on the metro silver line. the metropolitan authority said today more tests are needed on the first phase of the rail line toward ellis. affected to take several weeks. metro had said it would take 90 days to begin service once it begins to control the tracks. that makes plans for a february opening most unlikely. >> the cost of riding the metro could be rising once again. >> it unveiled its proposed budget for next year and included hikes for all of its services. among them, a three percent increase for trains, 15 sent her trip increase for buses, and another $.25 to park on the parking deck. metro riders are not re
's in an environment where israel as well as many u s lawmakers don't think that iraq should develop nuclear technology at all. the obama administration had to gauge the diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge he runs right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time. we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding. iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations. iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear programs that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon. the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement. despite the officials attempts to appease the hawks with punches are flying here looks like we tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you gonna say on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the falling rain. another set of marco rubio call that dea
, and i did. they bounced around. >> it was a natural response to our environment. >> when you leave the evert, you put yourself in a new environment of risk. people say, well, you have a lot of the guts. i didn't have guts. i knew what i was doing. didn't go to the moon not to come back. >> soon enough it was time to come back. not before the sight of the earth, blooming with color, atmosphere, and life in a cold, black sky profoundly affected him. >> i can promise you if i could take every human being with me for five minutes, stand them next to me on a surface of the moon and look back at the earth, the world meet very well be a better place to live in today. there's in question in my mind that there is a creator to the universe. >> joining me now, the last man to walk on the moon, gene. gene, i have to tell you, imso hoshed, so thrilled to have you here. as i said at the beginning, when i grew up, the astronauts were the heroes for every kid my age. what are we losing, gene, by abandoning our space efforts? >> well, i think we're losing the vision and the commitment that john f.
a job in a completely different environment than teaching. >> in court, the mothers of two victims spoke, one saying, he approached my child from you time and dropped his hands to her chest. may his punishment have a sting that will hurt him. the second added, my daughter could not sleep. she had nightmares and ultimately went to counseling. he was grooming kids to see what he'll get away with. this could have gone much further. statement ontrong the part of both of those mothers and your heart goes out to them. >> still from the get go, a group of supporters has -- have stood by his side. his mother was seen with him he year. >> i have never seen that kind of support for an accused of a crime. >> what does that say to you? >> it says he's a fine young man, a well-liked teacher. as the families of the victims spoke in court today, they definitely felt their children had been assaulted. willit stands, krupica be on probation through 2016. if he sends -- if you break the law in that time, a judge could send him away for the next 12 years. >> kevin, thank you. a traveling medical technician
. we know that this environment is ripe. there's also the expected growth of 30% per year for the next three years. one of the things that we did at sink or swim is that we were at the forefront of the technology area for online trading. we have been at the forefront of the content era, really. the amount of content that gets consumed through video every year is enormous. we need to make sure that the content is relevant and entertaining. but what is important is to make sure that the technology that is provided is pushing the content to the customer or has the ability to curate the content to make sure it is organized and easy to find. on top of that, make sure that video or that data is all on demand. they want it now. they expect it. the younger demographic expects that it is all easy access wherever they are. also, that it is free and shareable. thinking beyond mobile access to your bank account, taking it one step further, something that is simple. something that brokerage firms do today. you can get your debit card. you can write checks. you have access to more options. it is rea
environment makes san francisco a special city. the idea you can go into the presidio or golden gate park won u run as fast as you can and they love that. this is an important program. thank you. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> morning commissioners general manager i'm anna i manage policies at the park alliances i'm here on behalf of that to support of the children's outdoor bill of rights. we hope that it are inform other cities. i applaud my colleague for helping with this. we're really exfoliated it's before the commission today and hope you'll support it thank you. thank you >> anyone else who wants to make a public comment will. public comment is closed commissioners >> thank you, commissioner lo it. >> i want to commend all you as to someone who is currently raising two small children in the city there's a profoundly difference we're very blasz blessed to be able to comment ourselves for an urban experience for our children and make sure they know how important nature is to our lives. i look forward to supporting this >> knew commissioner leo. i guess it's a qu
and chooibz and spanish for other organizations and environment. the bill of rights is a set of experiences in which every child has the right to harvest a fruit or very many and plant a seed and watch it grow and visit and care for our local parked and play in the sand or in mud, discover upper wildlife and the trees and plant. so describing this a third grade student sums it up you taught me how to get adopt and dirty i will start in my background and traffic the world. so with the commissioners endorsement we promote the san francisco youth to explore the nature. i want to introduce a member from the presidio steering committee and he's to talk about the committee do you want all those folks to continue standing behind you? forever >> forever? (laughter) >> okay. thanks san francisco i didn't. good morning, commissioners and a quick shout out to all the kids and colleagues in the highway that were here to support this initiative. just a quick show of hands how many of you grew up in on a urban area? okay. great. how many of you are raising or have raised children in an urban area? ok
environment gathered from taking images. we use this information to send orders to control its function. >> in the 1970, the soviet became the first country to put a remote control robot on the mood. it was followed by "apollo 15 ," used to move astronauts and equipment. >> china's rover is fitted with scientific instruments. it has a ground radar to examine up to 100 metres. china is looking at the mineral resources on the moon. in 2017 china wants to bring back a rock sample from the moon. manned missions could follow in 2025. for now its mission is to get "chang'e 3" to the moon and on to the surface. >> this is china's first moon mission, but the space program is not new. it launched its first satellite in 1970. in 2003 it launched the first of five manned space missions. >> double digit drop. black friday retailers got off to a pretty bumpy start. >> bringing back the business of booze. the bet that some make on detroit with the first distillery in decades. finding strength after tragedy. the meeting place helping colorado residents move forward from the floods that changed their l
the department of the environment, san francisco unified school district and the work force development. this year with our support, the community art and educational program of the arts commission created a new strategy in the bayview to enhance investments in arts and support local artist and art organizations. so we are pleased with the 2013 bayview art grant program and i would like to turn it over to judy, the director of communication arts and educational program at the arts commission to share the process and results of the grant. >> good afternoon, let me just interject for one moment. if there is no objection from my colleagues, we will call for public comment two times during this line item. the first public comment will take place after this presentation. we ask that you speak on this item and this item only. i will call for public comment again at the end of the general managers report. is that okay? >> okay. >> thank you for allowing me to address this commission. i'm going to provide a broad overview of how to program was established. this is a pilot program that in follow
in the school's food environment. >> welcome back. what you're looking at is a video from the national farm to school network. the organization estimates more than 10,000 schools across the country participate in the program. it's one of several innovative ideas that school systems are using to get kids excited about healthy eating. waj, i'm looking at the tweets coming in, and just before the break, julie was saying give control back to the lunch lady. this needs to go back and go local. >> yes, we should make the #empower the lunch lady go survival. viral. >> jean, waj raise as interesting point. when i was in school, the lunch ladies pretty much prepared everything from scratch on site on the premise. now there is heat and serve. why the flip? >> years ago there were considerable cuts to our program. that moved people away from scratch cooking. you're seeing more school districts going to scratch cooking. a lot of that is driven by the regulations to reduce sodium, to reduce fat, to get fruits and vegetables incorporated in the programs. we're moving back towards scratch cooking, i would
, this aims to measure service excellence and to a community involvement and positive working environment. as you can see the measures are graded on a standard academic grading scale centered around the b, a measure of industry standard for a benchmark receives a b and to receive an a and others would fall below a c. the average is an a minus which shows here for 2012 and 2013. the measures for selected through a collaborative effort through sf puc staff while keeping in mind that broad public audience. measures of selected based on fit with the rate payer policy and framework with the national utility standard in measured performance. other factors include the availability of data in a timely manner and reoccurring basis and the measures in the strategic ability plan. finally a major factor in the selection were benchmarked against an industry standard or relevant policy. lastly on page two, there is summary information provided. the top provides the main purpose, the next is a detailed academic grading scale and a category measure and enter prize. i will hand it back over the nancy who
.s.-chinae that cooperation on the environment is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, carbon pollution, for our country and the world. we are particularly excited to have her here. this is the first time administrator mccarthy has spoken here at and we are excited to have her here. president obama released the climate action plan. upon the effort and recognize its critical goals. it is vertical for the u.s. and the world that we embark on this effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prepare the united states for the impacts of climate change, and to lead this international effort to combat climate change. we believe these efforts will ensure the u.s. grows economically, will create jobs, and will also meet the important challenge of reducing -- reduction in greenhouse gas admissions by 17% by 2020. we hope this event today highlights the importance of china as a key partner combating global chat -- key partner. combating global climate change is not something that the u.s. should tackle on its own. that is why we are excited about this u.s.-china engagement. we have been able to see firsth
their questions that could be used to improve their school environment so we're going thirty to have quantify and quality data and it's going to be looked over. we have a meeting tomorrow at the 5:30 in the cafe. you're all welcome to attend the meeting >> thank you okay. we will then move on to item e the parents advisory committee report i understand we have presenters this evening. >> good afternoon, commissioners thanks for the mind. i'm tony and my daughter is a fifth grader at sunset elementary and she loves her school >> thank you. hello and thank you. i'm don fishing and my son is a sect grader. the rule of the parented advisory committee is to have discussions. this report provides an update on key initiates. last month pack - sorry last month we highlighted the project and we've been meeting in teams for community conversations and determine concrete ways to engage parents. we've been exploring where the efforts can have the most meaningful feedback. in areas high interest is looking at the relationship between school discipline and achievement and disproperly numbers of latino a
soil conditions and then, on top of that, we have built environment. we have buildings built of all different kinds of construction types and dates. when you put those together. maybe you are sitting on rock areas that are built solidly that will have little impact and you have other buildings, soft story buildings and people have essentially the same expectation. >> and the building department would come knock on my door and tell me it wasn't safe >> there are very few retrofitted laws. you have to make brick buildings saver. >> you have to reduce the risk of life lost. >> so the brick building standard is a low standard. it was to prevent catastrophic collapse. the brick buildings, we have 1800 of them. most have been upgraded to prevent catastrophic deaths. it's the lowest possible >> and they might need to be torn john. by the way, this was lori johnson. this is our risk analysis and has done work to reconstruction especiallily in kobe and post katrina. >> thanks for joining us >> you are going to be coming to the caps meeting. >> i am on the advisory committee. >> most of san f
of the district to live with it the statement will often be the key to a safe environment in the costco checks all too often gone to a place in kabul. leave it to the country from pakistan and iran. events like these things happen to them. this is constricted contractors and so i can say. alicia condition of the problems is that we can only use natural diamonds with spikes. look at the bit to other international companies in the company's progress pics to us what they're giving us a shed which is just nasty to work. between them. there is a middle and get some money we want to work with teens national tournaments directly to cuddle. that's what keeps it in trucks and non profit organization that builds up and capacity iptv in the pages of local business this is what is mainstream this is not freedom. it is after first policy and boosting local business. they understand the crucial link between building the economy and fight to the insurgency it is argued that the highest level and endorsed the highest level that the afghan first program at least one key element to the strategic stability in that n
into that our family nights are there. it's not very welcoming and warm environment. i want to stress our finding a location. and that's where our community meets and congregates to have community events. i want to thank you to kevin chavez to come to our pack meeting and introduce yourself as the new leadership. we really appreciate the support of the presentation you came and gave and we in support of us. we welcome anytime somebody can come by and we really expand the opportunities for district teachers and lisp to incorporate invite literature into their curriculum. thank you. (clapping.) >> hi, i'm angela. my daughter is sitting here she's a third grader. i won't tucking take up much time i will echo the need for permanent space and educate staff from the prospective. of native people and a recognition and celebration that november is native heritage month you'll see special programs in school honoring our community. thank you. >> good evening superintendents and commissioner. i'm gloria i'm a parent and have two children. that are sitting over here. i'm going to be actively talking
they fit in this new in competitive environment? >> well, i would say-- >> rick, first you and then to terry. >> well, yes, i would say what they do is they end up being merged in or in the case of frontier they're spun out of republic. they're going to pick certain days. they're not going to have the frequency of schedule that you would see normally. you can build a business out of these fringe markets. but you will never grow to the size of what was before a mega airline. it's really down to four mega airlines that have three-quarters of the entire lift, and then niche airlines where they have regions to make money. >> i have to disagree with rick on this. i feel that if you have got a city, and this city warrants 10,000 passenger as year, someone will be there to fly them. if you want to get from point a to point b in the united states, you're going to be able to get there. this is a way that its a hauls worked. the free enterprise system does take over. what people fail to release the government regulations is what caused the operation. they protected the airlines from
, balanced by protection of the environment. then productivity can be safely increased to supply the demand of our people. for economics usa, i'm david schoumacher. captioning is made possible by the nenberg/cpb project captioning performed bytheg institute, inc. captions copyright 1986 educational film center annenberg media ♪ for information about this and other annenberg media programs call 1-800-learner and visit us at annenberg media ♪ annenberg media ♪ it was 1927. once again, havoc reigne ♪ thughout the mississip and tennessee valleys. during a great depression, congress created the tva--
of a production, you know, platform that if we're smart in this post recession environment we'll won't go back to the economy we'll move forward. i'm bullish about this and this region is rich in small batch and boutique on up to advanced >> technology will have a role in all of that as well. if you see this company 3-d technology for example, willing regulation in his the way we looked engineering systems because you could see it. auto desk is growing rapidly in san francisco they just opened up another portion of their work on pier 9. we're all talking about advanced manufacturing >> no longer have the machines but the machines are operating with an ipad and your reading out precision cutting everybody from chocolates to clothing to manufactured products so extension is going to play a big thing in manufacturing. >> if you're joining us think on the radio we're talking about economic growth and we have ed lee mayor of san francisco and the bruce cats from the washington area. let's talk about enlightenment change and building green cities and a low carbon future away from fossil fultsdz f
of the environment is part of that group and the department of public health and planning and i do believe that we can get those maps to you and i will let them know after this. and i think that they are really definitely working on creating and getting the strategy to having the labors involved and one of the first high priorities is acting for the resource centers and i am sure, that we could get that program to give the board of supervisors an update on their activities, and i have just went to a meeting on it last week and so they are hiring for the coordinator and they already have their work planned for the year. when it comes to the food retail, i think that one of the challenges is just consolidation, in that sector in general, so we don't have a lot of independent operators of grocery stores, and i think that there has been a lot of work to attract them to the tender loin and to the bay view and hunters point and that is just one challenge that we don't have a lot of operators locally. >> you, thank you, dr. jones. i want to turn it over to public comment because i know that people have b
and the department of public health and the department of the environment. and that are involved in the two collaborativive groups that are community campaign and the services of san francisco, and the foundation and the meals on wheels of san francisco, and the project open hand,
. -- theyprotests protest, worried their environment is being exploited. response tohina's any opposition has been ruthless. or have been five or six immolation near this woman's home -- there have been five or six immolations near this woman's home. >> the families don't even know when and where their relatives were taken. >> after the clampdown and the media blackout, the immolations are less frequent. what is not being addressed are the grievances here. tibetans fear they are being marginalized, their culture eroded, all while the rest of the world looks away. >> you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's this drumbeating answer to beating the christmas crowds? re ofn reveals the futu online deliveries. ats diplomatic effort aimed ending the deadlock over a crucial security deal and afghanistan has failed -- if diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the deadlock over a crucial security deal in afghanistan fails, billions of dollars in aid could be stalled. reports.en afghanistan side of you don't normally see, men working to try and get goods off the trains and out distri
. i did. we bounced around. but it was a natural response to our environment. >> hip ety hop ety. >> you put yourself in a new environment of risk. people say you had a lot of guts. i didn't have a lot of guts. i didn't go to the moon not to come back. >> blooming with color, atmosphere and light in a cold, black sky. profoundly affected sernan. >> i promise you, if i could take every human being with me for five minutes, standing next to me on the surface of the moon and look back at the earth, the world might be a better place to live in. there is no question in my mind that there is a creator of the universe. >> joining me now, the last man to walk on the moon, gene sernan. i am so honored and thrilled to have you hire. when i grew up, the astronauts were the heroes for every kid my age. and when i think about our space program and all it has meant, i'm somewhat frustrated. we don't have much emphasis on the space program. i think we're losing something. what are relosing by abandoning our space efforts? >> i think we're losing the vision and the commitment that john f. kenned
during a period of 13 years. >> what do you know about this you are with property and environment research center, perks. >> which is in montana. you study areas were river is vat property can help protect animals. >> private ownership is the betts incentive to ckonsz vatio. >> mostf of the buffalo is owne by private ranchers there are some in one state park one has ruined up. >> they are actually treating their bison most like private ranchers are treating them. they are making bison's hey. they once a year for 45 years they have had huge roundup where they bring in 1500 bison and tourists come from all over the world pay money to watch these bison get herded in an old wild west fashion with cowboys and cow girls. the bison come sweeping down the plains the earth shakes they get moved into corals and we eat bison burgers afterwards. the point is the park is making money from the tourism of bison and bp a month later they auction off a portion of that bison to private ranchers and they are making money that way. all of that money goes back into custer state park to pay for operati
environment that there've been many other examples throughout history. martin luther and his use of poetry and thomas paine and the common sense and the way that they would use more broadly the run-up to the american and french revolution. .. >> host: how do you define feminism? >> guest: in the best sense feminism is a philosophy that says that men and women are equal before long, deserve the same rights, the same liberties, the equal dignity, and basically a philosophy of basic fairness. >> host: in your book, who stole feminism how women have betrayed women, you talk about the new feminism. what is the new feminism? >> guest: yes, well, the new feminism emerged especially in the 80's and 90's and is a rather hard-line version. i became a feminist in the >> i believed in equality of opportunity however in the '80s and '90s as ani philosophy professor readingere feminist theories and there were some theories that or soly aggressive with rather harshly anti-mail there were following the of mono with men are from venus and men are from the hell. i did not need to denigrate the bet it was a
, volatile environment and a set of problems for which it is difficult to imagine solutions without someone catalyzing an international response. to me we cannot lose sight of the fact that we are a global power and global interest and that american power and security depends on staying engaged in the world and shaping events that happened far from our shores. we also have still i think a unique role to play in catalyzing international action to deal with challenges that we face. so the first lesson is that we need to resist the temptation to turn inward and a way for the world are you yes, we have to focus on getting our economic house in order and pushing our domestic agenda forward. but we also have to stay engaged in the world to ensure our own prosperity in the future. the second lesson is more tactical and that is as we have come out of the war in the past, typically the defense budget goes through the drawdown and we try to balance too much of the budget on the back of the force and we end up with a hollow force. we cut readiness and modernization disproportionately. we end up with a
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